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Top Commercial Property Contractors in the Bay Area: Building Success from Foundation to Finish

When it comes to commercial property construction in the Bay Area, excellence is not negotiable. The dynamic landscape of the Bay Area demands contractors who are not only skilled but also innovative, adaptable, and reliable. In this article, we'll introduce you to the crème de la crème of commercial property contractors in the Bay Area. These companies have earned their reputation through years of dedication, quality work, and a commitment to transforming architectural visions into concrete realities.

Better Built Contractor Inc.

The CEO, Steven Diaz, possesses a 15-year tenure within the construction industry. Proficiency in budgeting and project management, coupled with firsthand involvement alongside key stakeholders such as architects, engineers, owner's representatives, subcontractors, and employees, distinguishes his expertise.

Furthermore, Steven has overseen the entirety of project phases, commencing from proposals and extending to project closures. His oversight encompasses monitoring staff members, subcontractors, and vendors to ensure adherence to project budgets, blueprints, and timetables.

The construction company operates on a family-oriented foundation, prioritizing client satisfaction. Steven's journey commenced in 2002, collaborating with individual contractors. Progressing through roles as a project manager within prominent construction corporations in the Bay Area, he eventually embarked on an independent path, driven by the core belief in construction's essence: the attainment of client contentment.

Dome Construction: Success Since 1969

From a 1969 modest start in suburban San Francisco, Dome Construction has grown into an impressive six-office powerhouse. Their expertise spans education, healthcare, life sciences, retail, hospitality, and tenant improvements.

Guided by President and CEO Rob Lynch, Dome thrives. Rob's journey began with a Construction Management degree from California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo. Since 1996, he's driven the firm's success. Mark Bley, the predecessor, remains Chairman of the Board for 45 years.

One feat stands out: transforming a Gap Kids space into Barry's Bootcamp in Palo Alto. The intricate project involved refining the structure, installing MEP systems, soundproofing, and elevating the exterior. The result: a 5,100 sq. ft. dynamic space, including a spacious workout area, bright locker room, and inviting retail.

Dome Construction's journey showcases innovation, quality, and transformative projects. Under Rob Lynch's leadership and Mark Bley's guidance, Dome continues to shape inspiring environments.

McLarney Construction: Trust Since 1987

For three decades, McLarney Construction has been a go-to for businesses realizing architectural visions. Founded by Kevin McLarney in 1987, the firm initially focused on tenant improvements, expanding into a full spectrum of services. Today, led by adept leaders, McLarney stands strong.

Offering pre-construction consultation, design/build expertise, general construction, and historical renovation, McLarney's licensed builders excel.

Their avant-garde portfolio includes industry giants like Zoom, J.P. Morgan, Samsung, and Bloom Energy. Noteworthy is the Nissan campus in Santa Clara, a 90,000 sq. ft. office complex. Innovative features like car lifts and design labs shine.

Decades of trust reflect growth, expertise, and a commitment to realizing architectural dreams. With visionary roots and skilled leaders, McLarney shapes the future of construction.

Teamwrkx Construction: Redefining Quality in Building

With a fervent dedication to excellence, Teamwrkx Construction has redefined construction standards. Led by Eric Venzon, Founder and President, the firm thrives on discipline, precision, and collaboration. Serving the West Coast and Pacific Northwest, they excel in commercial construction, renovations, and engineering.

A recent highlight is their contribution to the Transbay Transit Center Physical Plant & Infrastructure in San Francisco. Working alongside Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects, they overcame COVID-19 challenges, public traffic, and intricate coordination, completing the project in under 3 months. Their triumph culminated in a LEED Gold Certification, showcasing their commitment to innovation and sustainability.

XL Construction: Leading Silicon Valley Excellence

XL Construction shines as Silicon Valley's trusted contractor for unparalleled service and construction prowess. Co-founded by Eric Raff and Dave Beck, the company's 25-year journey is marked by growth and recognition. With three California offices and a team of 400+, their impact resonates.

Featured in prestigious publications like Silicon Valley Business Journal, San Francisco Business Times, and Engineering News-Record, XL Construction's reputation is firmly established.

From corporate offices to healthcare landmarks, their portfolio is diverse. Notably, the Assembly at North First Street showcases 300,000 sq. ft. of LEED Gold excellence. The striking "Paseo" addition unites historic buildings, creating an impressive campus entry achieved through collaboration with stakeholders, designers, and partners.

Skyline Construction: Empowering Growth

One of the country's premier commercial interior construction firms, Skyline Construction is 100% employee-owned, with offices across major cities. With a 25-year legacy, they've transformed spaces for global giants like Zillow, Instacart, and Oracle. CEO David Hayes and COO Jessica Carps lead the charge, securing annual rankings among top Bay Area contractors and ENR's Top 400.

The Workday headquarters in Pleasanton epitomizes modernity, spanning 873,000 sq. ft. Skyline's touch rejuvenated this space, adding interconnected staircases, a sound-proof media room, open offices, and more. Their partnership with Workday since 2013 highlights a commitment to innovation and excellence.

South Bay Construction: Building Excellence

South Bay Construction stands as one of California's preeminent firms, lauded for their unwavering commitment to dependable, top-tier construction work. The dynamic leadership trio of Richard Furtado, JB Cahoon, and Cameron Peach steers the ship, commanding a team of expert builders skilled in conceptual budgeting, pre-construction, and construction services. This team's hallmark is punctual, budget-conscious work that consistently surpasses client expectations.

Since 1978, South Bay Construction has made their mark alongside giants like Hyatt, Marriott, and Alibaba, earning a reputation for excellence.

Their portfolio is a testament to versatility, spanning commercial marvels to inviting hospitality havens. A standout is the Stadium TechCenter 1 in Santa Clara, boasting 226,500 square feet of architectural prowess. This 6-story Class A office shell showcases floor-to-ceiling glass windows, a testament to South Bay's precision. Executed in two phases, the project was not only on-budget but also earned LEED Silver certification.

Build GC: Building Success Together

Build GC is a renowned name in general construction, construction management, and design/build services. Founded by Ross Edwards Jr., the firm thrives under his continuous leadership. Since its establishment, Build GC has partnered with numerous California companies, fostering collective efforts that have translated into award-winning projects and services.

A standout recent achievement is the 1500 Mission mixed-use development in San Francisco. A joint endeavor with SOM/HKS and DCI Engineers, this 39-story masterpiece was completed in 2020. Boasting 1.1 million square feet, the building harmoniously blends residential and retail spaces. With meticulous attention to detail and the use of durable materials, the structure not only radiates modernity but also durability.

Iron Construction: Crafting Excellence

Established in 2001, Iron Construction has swiftly emerged as a prominent contractor across California and neighboring states. At its helm is Dave Edgar, a seasoned builder and LEED Accredited Professional. The firm seamlessly merges sustainability and functionality in every project, reflecting its San Jose base.

Iron Construction's prowess shines in crafting commercial structures for distinguished clients such as DHL, Roche, Colliers International, and Washington Holdings.

The firm's portfolio encompasses a diverse array of projects, each unique in scope and style. A prime example is their San Jose headquarters, a blend of modern aesthetics and rustic charm. Spanning 13,500 square feet, this Class A office space was brought to life following the design by AAI Architecture & Interior Design. Notably, the construction embraced sustainability with repurposed materials, including ceiling joists transformed into new stair treads and l-beams used for architectural metalwork. The innovation extends further with rainwater catchment tanks that recycle water for toilet flushing, aligning with their commitment to sustainable practices.


The Bay Area's commercial property contractors are a testament to the region's ambition and innovation. These companies have established themselves as industry leaders, creating spaces that serve as the cornerstone for businesses to thrive. Whether you're envisioning a towering office complex, a cutting-edge retail center, or a modern industrial space, the contractors on our list have the expertise to bring your vision to life. Choose excellence, choose innovation, and choose from the top commercial property contractors in the Bay Area. Your success story begins with the right foundation.


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